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Flood runner 3 is the third segment to the flood runner dynasty. In flood runner 3 the character, an orange stick figure, must run from boiling lava and high waves. As the character moves ahead, the land begins to fall apart. Each drop brings the character to a new place where coins and other medallions can be found. Once touched by lava or water the character is dead and the game must begin from the beginning.

The graphics for flood runner 3 are very classy. The red lava swirls as if seen in real life, and the waves are a color blue that is a water lookalike. The game is made for one player. You can choose to run with your mouse or the arrow buttons on your keyboard. Every level you beat unlocks a new level. There are more than twenty locked levels that must be achieved for the entire game to be won. You are allowed to save your score and challenge friends online.

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